Texas Education Service Center Utilizes Mobile Video to Offer Learning Enrichment Programs to Rural Students

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

ESC 13 is a regional educational service program that provides technical media services to students in Central Texas, including 16 counties, 60 school districts, 18 charter schools and 8 institutions of higher education, among others. Serving as a liaison between the Texas Education Agency and the districts it serves, the center is always on the lookout for cost-effective ways to improve students’ education, especially through technology.

ESC 13 was an early adopter of video conferencing technology and began using it for distance learning purposes in the early 1990’s. However, bandwidth issues in rural communities were a constant source of distress for the service center, which desperately wanted those children to have access to all of the enrichment programs the state provided via video.

In order to solve broadband Internet access issues, as well as save much-needed funds, ESC 13 turned to LifeSize® ClearSea™. LifeSize ClearSea is a standards-compliant video solution that can utilize an existing Internet network, as well as 3G and 4G mobile networks for mobile video collaboration. In addition, it can connect to any H.323 or SIP video solution with enables interoperability with third-party video solutions.

After implementing the technology, ESC 13 began connecting rural schools over PC, Mac and smartphones (iOS and Android) to state educational programs over video. Administrators have also found a use for the technology and have “attended” conferences (via streaming) and organized regional meetings over video with a half dozen schools in the region.

“So far, it’s been a huge success and we are looking forward to having more and more classrooms find out how they can energize learning with connections to the world,” said Carol Teitelman, coordinator for distance learning programs of ESC 13.

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