LifeSize is Thankful For…Those Who Have Used Our Technology to Make a Difference!

Megan Lueders, Vice President of Global Marketing

To celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, VideoConferencingSpot is highlighting those who mean most to us at LifeSize. In this season of gratitude, this tribute is only a small token of appreciation for the people who make LifeSize great.


We often hear stories about how video conferencing can cut a company’s travel budget in half or help teams be more productive around the globe, but what about those unique stories about how video can make a tangible difference in the lives of the less fortunate?

At LifeSize, we’re thankful for so many customers who are using video conferencing to support their organization’s mission to spread joy, love and hope around the world. Here are just three of them:

Salvation Army:

When the Orlando Salvation Army Area Command mentioned that they needed video conferencing in order to help with their efforts to “do the most good,” LifeSize knew it was an incredible opportunity to help make a difference. On October 19, representatives from LifeSize donated video conferencing technology to the Orlando Salvation Army during the annual United Way Day of Caring, sponsored by Lockheed Martin.

“The Day of Caring is Lockheed Martin’s way of giving back to the local community that they have been a part of for over half a century. It has grown every year and we are so grateful that thousands of Floridians come out to serve others with us,” said Steve P. Rocca, Lockheed Martin employee and Salvation Army Board Member. “LifeSize has been so generous in their donation to the Salvation Army, and we sincerely thank them for their contribution.”

We are so pleased to be able to share the power of video collaboration with individuals who are doing so much good in this world. The Salvation Army is one of the most well-respected nonprofit organizations in the world, and we couldn’t be prouder to partner with them and help their organization thrive.

Here is a video of the first inaugural LifeSize call on the Day of Caring:

The Make-A-Wish Foundation:

If you were to ask fifth grader what he or she wants more than anything in the world, you may expect them to answer with a new toy, a puppy, or to be a famous actor or athlete. When a young girl with terminal cancer in Okemos, Michigan was asked this very question, she made a simple, yet truly touching wish: to be a part of her fifth grade class.

Between surgeries and chemotherapy, the girl was often homebound and unable to host visitors, due to a compromised immune system. The Make-A-Wish Foundation was determined to make this child’s dreams come true. HD video conferencing technology was the answer.

Thanks to one of our valued channel partners, LifeSize was able to offer the young girl her own HD video endpoint to put in her bedroom at home, as well as a system for her classroom at school. That way, she could participate in the class interactively as if she was in the same room with her friends.

Here are some of our favorite photos of the deployment:

Senior Learning Network:

Did you think that virtual field trips were just for kids? Think again! This organization brings the world to senior citizens across the country who are mobility-impaired. With the help of LifeSize valued partner, Kaleidoscope Videoconferencing, Senior Learning Network invested in LifeSize ClearSea to help bring virtual field trips to life in senior community centers and retirement homes across the country.

Even though SLN is a new venture, the organization has already been able to offer a number of programs to the senior community, including virtual trips to NASA, Smithsonian Museum, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Hallmark Card Visitors’ Center, Kansas City Zoo and the World War I Museum. In the future, they would like to offer virtual book clubs, Jeopardy tournaments, Wii bowling and more.

Here’s a touching testimonial from two senior citizens who have especially enjoyed this program:


There’s such amazing work going on around the world with the help of LifeSize video conferencing. Thank you to all of the organizations who are helping those in need through the power of this technology. When we say that our solutions can “change the way the world communicates,” we know it’s true.

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