The 21st Century Workforce: A Revolution is Upon Us

Brian Beasley, Product Marketing, LifeSize

Hey, hey, there’s a revolution, well you know.
It’s part of the evolution of the human communication experience. Video calls are the new norm.  Voice calls are so yesterday.

Today’s video calls belong to the legion of professionals, tradespersons, entrepreneurs and self-employed from all walks of life; from the farmer in his field video calling an agronomist to help eradicate an insect infestation in an environmentally responsible manner to a weather chaser who is streaming video of an incredible force of nature, HD video is a much more compelling form of communication than voice only.

Where there’s video, there’s face-to-face communication, and face-to-face communication builds relationships and breaks down barriers to understanding.

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you may have a video calling device at your disposal. Video calls can be made on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, wherever you are and most everywhere you go. Video calls are as easy to make as voice calls. You look up a name in a directory or contact list and click to initiate a call. That’s it. It’s just like making a voice call on your iPhone® or Android® smartphone.

Productivity on calls tends to be higher, too, when there’s video. It is much easier to hold everyone’s attention when you are talking face-to-face.  Sharing documents allows all call participants to “get the picture” and digest the data. Actually having an image, i.e. a live feed of the document makes all the difference in the world.

LifeSize truly believes that video collaboration is the ultimate communication experience. The 21st Century Workforce agrees. Join the video call revolution: bring your own device, get face-to-face and get work done.

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