The Cats out of the Bag

I definitely have some things to say about the recent acquisition news, but first the blog post I have been meaning to write for a couple of weeks.

Engineering teams have super secret code words for projects and our codecs are named after Cats. We’ve used Cheetah, Panther, Bobcat, Jaguar, Tomcat, Alleycat, Lynx, and most recently the 220’s which have affectionately been referred to as simply, “The Cats”. So the Cats are out of the bag!

Final code has been delivered to the factory for Passport and they are being shipped to customers. Demand has been fantastic and it will be our fastest launching product yet. The Cats (aka 220‘s) will be shipping very soon and they reset the bar for core enterprise communications. Prior to this, 720p60/1080p30 was only available at Room prices, and now that has been slashed by more than 50%. The efficiency of the Room 200 encoder has been brought down across the line and is untouchable by the competition. I’ll go into some of the geeky details in a future post … definitely worth looking for.


Onto the other news last week. Yes it’s true, LifeSize has agreed to be acquired by Logitech. I could not be more excited about the possibilities. At LifeSize, we’ve always marched to a different drummer and it is obvious in the way we approach product development. Our mission is the same. Develop the best communication products for the enterprise. There is a big change underway. Our industry is poised to explode. I’m reading a book called, Googled: The End of the World As We Know It (on the Kindle of course).  In the book, they talk about the rapid democratization of information and entertainment. The old guard fiercely defends their existing business models and won’t change quick enough. Telephony and communication is (and has been) changing too. For me the combination of Logitech and LifeSize puts us on a path to capitalize on this. Three obvious areas of synergy. I’ll leave it to you to imagine what else is possible.

  • Ops/Materials – Logitech builds A LOT of stuff
  • Cameras – Logitech builds A LOT of cameras
  • Sightspeed – Logitech acquired Sightspeed a year ago

Congratulations to our employees. Many have been here for more than 6 years, while others have recently joined out team. We are just getting started.

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