The Miracle of Video

Diana Hyland

by Diana Hyland, Product Marketing Manager, LifeSize

Today, we’re all a bit jaded when it comes to technology. We buy the latest smartphone the day it hits the stores, and the next week we’re complaining that it’s not fast enough. We can stream the latest movies to our TVs, but they never seem to have the film we really wanted to see. We can download best-selling novels to our e-readers in seconds, but the screen isn’t big/clear enough.

If you’re a fan of late-night TV like I am, you’ve probably seen comedian Louis C.K. riff on this theme. (With more than 5 million views on YouTube, clearly it’s a topic that resonates.) He takes on our impatience with smartphones (“It’s going to space and back—can you give it a second?!”), our unwillingness to see the miracle of air travel (“We didn’t board for, like, 20 minutes.”) and other inordinately high expectations of technology.


What makes his observations so hilarious is that we see ourselves so clearly in his comedy. We want technology that works and we have little to no patience when it doesn’t. We want technology to be invisible; to be competently humming along as we reap all the rewards. We want all the benefits without any of the hassle.

At LifeSize, we say: “What’s wrong with that?”

Video conferencing, when done right, can take us anywhere in the world in seconds. It’s a huge time saver and certainly less hassle than hustling to and from airports or work sites, not to mention more cost effective.

At LifeSize, we’re all about making the video experience invisible, easy, seamless and, dare we say, fun. Click a button and instantly connect via video with your colleague across the globe, or 10 colleagues… or hundreds. You can use video to not only conduct meetings, but also to explain, teach, train, interview, demonstrate and share detailed data and imagery.

It’s video that just works. We have cloud-based systems for those who want fast, easy, preconfigured convenience, and on-premise systems for those who require greater control and customization within their IT structure. Our mobile video solution supports more devices than any other solution on the market. The LifeSize UVC Platform, delivered as hardware or virtualized software, is the only video infrastructure that consolidates multiple products for easy trial and deployment. All of our products are designed to scale to meet growing needs and to remove the headaches previously associated with using and managing video conferencing.

Today, organizations have more choices and more affordable options for every size and type of business.

It’s a miracle! Actually, it’s just LifeSize.

For those who would like to know more about our latest video technologies (the little miracles that make video collaboration easier and more fun), we invite you to join us for a live, interactive discussion:

“UVC Technically Speaking”
Video Goes Virtual: Making Life Easier for IT Teams
When: April 4, 9:00 AM Central
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