The Villains of Video Conferencing – The Twins: Frénetico e Pânico

Kevin Buechler

by Kevin Buechler, Program Manager for Sales Enablement, LifeSize

Ladies and gentleman, we have come to the end of our series. Of course, we couldn’t conclude this journey without saving the best for last. In this case, I would like to serve you a heaping double dose of danger. Join me as I welcome to the stage…

The Twins: Frénetico e Pânico


The final super villains always come in pairs. Like the gentle rain before a hurricane or the chill before a nor’easter hits, Frantic and Panic can ruin any effective communication. There is no trust in the technology, user competency or the network. Everything is an emergency that needs to be dealt with RIGHT NOW! One AAA battery running low on a charge is an e-mail to the help desk. A wrong IP address is an angry call to the IT department. The inability to correctly present a PowerPoint presentation is an immediate visit to the head of IT. If the system doesn’t work the way they want through the power of telepathy, it is irreversibly broken and the anthem, “This is Why I Warned Against Replacing the Overhead Transparencies,” echoes throughout the hallways.

Illustration by Courtney Lubke

This loathsome twosome can drive anyone to the brink of sanity. While they examine, reexamine, and examine some more, valuable time is being lost and productivity is shrinking into a microscopic particle, impossible to salvage. With some video vendors, The Twins will run rampant. Technical issues pop up every nanosecond. Your only defense? All together now, “LifeSize!” There we go, you have been paying attention.

LifeSize is only video vendor that will stop The Twins dead in their tizzied tracks. With LifeSize HD video systems, the technology just works. PowerPoint blunder? Non-existent. Latency? Schmatency! With nothing to investigate and no technical issues to inspect, The Twins are left with no other option than to pay attention to the video call. Not only will you be able to get your work done, the IT department will love you for defeating the detestable duo.

So, VC Superhero, the gauntlet is now in your hands. You have looked into the eyes of the inept and I’m sure you recognize some traits of a colleague, a friend, and perhaps even yourself.  Do not despair, for the greatest powers are Experience and Confidence. Be yourself in front of the camera.  Relax and project your true, incorruptible self and share it with others.  Every video call is another opportunity to fight the villains of poor communication and promote clear, rich, high quality interaction for one and all! I challenge you to be present, travel across time and space at the blink of an eye, all in high definition.

Venture on, my friends, venture on!

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