Three Things

Three Things: Part 1

I got a direct message tweet from @mhelmbrecht today that summed up what I’ve been thinking about twitter lately and it motivated me to jot some things down about three things that I’ve been using for the last 6 months or so. Nothing directly about video conferencing in this weeks blog!

When presenting I try to limit the key messages to 3 things. That way I figure I have a shot at somebody remembering at least one of them! Today I’m going to talk about 3 products that I’ve been experimenting with since the beginning of the year, Twitter, the Kindle, and Mint.


I don’t have much to add about what Twitter is, what it isn’t, how to use it, or any comments on the recent TechCrunch article. But when I saw Michael’s tweets today, they were exactly what I’ve been thinking.

One was frivolous, but very true:

mhelmbrecht: I’m thinking about how much of my career I’ve spent waiting for meetings to begin…like right now.

And the second was:

mhelmbrecht@caseywsj: 75 followers or so. I’m learning who is worth reading. I’m starting to find value in it. Eating crow I guess.

Michael and I both started using twitter in January as an experiment. And we both were very skeptical. In fact, my first tweet was to him.

@mhelmbrecht How’s this twitter thing going for you?

Fast forward to today, and I follow 52 people, 69 people follow me, and I’ve posted 109 updates. I follow the Tour de France directly from @lancearmstrong. Instead of reading blogs, I find myself following @kevinmarks, @stevegillmor, @Ross, @ev, @rands, @spolsky, @tferriss, @wilshipley and others. Recent and relevant news I find from @cnnbrk and everybody else. Of course there are a bunch of personal friends (like @strangeglow) where I get ideas of books to read, movies to see, beers to drink. And then there are people that I don’t know at all, but stumble upon that have the most interesting things to say like young Air Force pilot @cjschaefer.

So the twitter experiment continues. Guess I’ll even add a photo to my profile ;). In the end it’s all about connecting people. Sometimes that’s best served with HD video and other times at the opposite end of the spectrum with Tweetie on my iPhone. Follow us on Twitter!


Three Things: Part 2 comes tomorrow … this post was just getting too long.

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