We’re Better in the Browser: The Lifesize Cloud Web App

Gone are the days of needing to download and install an app on your desktop to connect with your team. The Lifesize Cloud Web App brings all of the features you’ve come to know and love right to your web browser through Google Chrome™ or Internet Explorer® 11.


The Lifesize Cloud Web App opens up a new access point for Lifesize Cloud. Now you can connect from your laptop with the Lifesize Cloud app, from your phone with the iOS or Android™ app, from the meeting room with a Lifesize® Icon™ HD camera system, or for even more freedom, right from the browser with the Lifesize Cloud Web App.

Features at a Glance

  • Fully featured browser-based web conferencing app available via Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11
  • No download or installation required
  • Ideal for any PC/Mac® running Google Chrome and Chromebooks™
  • Presence-enabled, search-based shared directory with one-click calling
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms for scheduled calls
  • Join via audio-only from a local phone number in more than 50 countries
  • Presence-enabled chat and group chat in and out of calls with history
  • Two-way screen sharing for subscribers and guests
  • Recording and sharing available via Lifesize Cloud Amplify

Connecting Is Easy

Step 1: Sign in to Lifesize Cloud from the Lifesize homepage or visit webapp.lifesizecloud.com from your Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 browser.

Step 2: Use the webcam and mic built into your computer (or plug one in if you need to). That’s it! No software clients to download, no admin controls to navigate—just an honest-to-goodness video chat.



The Lifesize Cloud Web App is built on WebRTC technology and is embedded right into the browser. For current users, this provides a new way to use Lifesize Cloud. For guests, this opens a whole new level of ease and accessibility, free of downloads, installs and firewalls. To learn more, download the Lifesize Cloud Web App One Pager.

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