UK Home Improvement Company Makes Improvements of Its Own With LifeSize Technology

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

Julie Zellman

Anglian Home Improvements, based in the UK, has been selling home renovation products to customers for over 40 years. With a head office in Norwich, 20 installation depots and various satellite offices throughout the country, the company was finding it more and more difficult to collaborate over such long distances. Though improvement and renovation was always a key focus for Anglian’s customers, it was time for the company to have a little communications makeover of its own.

Along with the geographically-dispersed office locations, Anglian also employed divisional operational directors, many of whom traveled up to 200 kilometers (about 125 miles) a day to keep up with their responsibilities. For them, it was especially difficult to meet the demands of customers, interact with constituents face to face and still make it home to see their families in the evening.

Anglian executives knew that things needed to change in order to keep their workforce happy and productive. Andy Browne, communications manager for voice, data and infrastructure at Anglian, reached out to a LifeSize partner to test all of the major vendors’ offerings.

“LifeSize was the first demonstration we experienced and the product really set the standard for quality and price performance,” said Browne.

After the evaluation was complete, Anglian began implementing LifeSize® Express 200™ and LifeSize® Team 200™ solutions throughout their many offices. The company believed that LifeSize had the bandwidth utilization and ease-of-use it was looking for above the other vendors in the market.

Almost every department now uses LifeSize on a daily basis, including remote sales teams, HR, IT, operations and even outside vendors. In fact, the employees’ response was so positive; they decided to accelerate their buying cycle and complete their total deployment in 12 weeks, instead of 12 months.

“LifeSize allows us to perform as a single entity. The technology has brought a cohesiveness to the way we all work together,” said Browne.

To read the entire case study of Anglian Home Improvements, click here.

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  1. Sami

    Very interesting, communication is key in modern business and it looks like a great solution in joining up diverse locations around the UK so the management team and employees can communicate together with ease


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