UK Healthcare Trust Uses HD Video to Save Time, Cut Carbon Emissions and Reduce Travel by Nearly £9,500 per Month

Julie Zellman

by Julie Zellman, Marketing Communications Coordinator, LifeSize

North Bristol NHS Trust is a healthcare trust that serves a large geographical region in the United Kingdom, including Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Cornwall. Known for its work in neurosciences, plastics and burns, orthopedics and renal care, the Trust is regarded as one of the most innovative medical facilities in the UK.

Because the Trust is so geographically dispersed, staff found themselves having to travel long distances to provide care to patients. During rush hour, employees had to allow almost an hour for the commute. For those that had to travel to Bristol for weekly meetings, the drive could take up to half a day. The Trust was desperate for a solution to make their employees’ time more efficient, cut travel costs, and provide a better quality of life.

Though the Trust had believed that video conferencing was a “90’s solution”, they were open to exploring the technology again and seeing it how had evolved over the years. Surprised by the low cost of the equipment and ease of implementation, North Bristol NHS Trust began using LifeSize HD video solutions across the organization. All-staff meetings became more efficient and even medical specialists could participate from their own respective locations. The endpoints were also used in surgical and consultative meetings, all-hands nurses meetings, and medical case examinations.

The Trust experienced other benefits along with increased productivity. The organization saved nearly 3,000 kg of carbon over 12 months and nearly £9,500 per month in saved travel costs, as a result of using video to conduct meetings.

“The money saved on staff time and travel from using LifeSize in a single meeting room is nearly enough to pay for an entire room system,” said Martin Bell, director of assurance.

The Trust plans to use video in the future, especially for clinical applications. For example, they may be able to use to video during a surgery to contact medical experts for advice.

“The opportunities to create even more efficiencies through the use of LifeSize video communications solutions are huge,” concluded Bell. “Further implementations will help us reach economic and environmental targets, increase staff morale and provide even better care to patients. Ultimately, the NHS is a people-focused organization, and so LifeSize video communications will continue to maintain that critical face-to-face interaction.”

To read the entire case study for North Bristol NHS Trust, visit Saving Time and Cutting Carbon: How North Bristol NHS Trust Turned to Video Conferencing to Improve Efficiency and Achieve Goals.

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