Video That Can Do It All: Use Cases for Education

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Julie Steele, Corporate Communications Manager

When you imagine video collaboration in the classroom, you may think of some of the more “traditional” use cases, such as virtual field trips. But did you know that video is being used in a number of unique ways in K-12 and higher ed classrooms around the world?

Here are some of our favorite customer use cases that we’ve compiled over the years:

Educating Future Olympians: Did you know that video conferencing is being used at the Lowell Whiteman School, a private college prep academy that trains and educates future Winter Olympians? It’s true! Using LifeSize’s streaming and recording solutions, students at the school can spend their time training on the slopes during the day (such as Nordic, Alpine and Freestyle skiing and snowboarding) and catch up on their studies on off-days or at night.

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Granting Wishes: Together with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, LifeSize partner Cleveland Corporate Services found a way to grant an ailing fifth-grader’s greatest wish of simply “being a part of her class.” Because the young girl could not attend school due to her many surgeries, chemotherapy sessions and poor immunity, our reseller set up a video conferencing unit in her bedroom. Now, she can feel just a like a normal student and interact with her classmates from home, all through the power of HD video collaboration technology.

Sparking College Dreams: At Barrow County Schools, a high school class working on a year-long nanotechnology project teamed up with a professor at Georgia Tech University. The professor made the students feel as if they were in his collegiate lab with him, as they explored the intricacy of carbon nanotubes.  One student was so inspired by the lesson that she decided to apply to Georgia Tech’s nanotechnology program. Without this video-enabled project, this high school student may have never found her passion.

Hosting International Mock Trial and Debate Competitions: Extracurricular activities like Mock Trial and Debate are instrumental in shaping students and helping them develop confidence and leadership skills. One school district, Del Valle ISD, chose to take this program one step farther by “bringing the world to the classroom” and collaborating with schools from all over the globe for these educational programs.

“I really see this program as a living book,” said Michael Cunningham, project director of World Class Schools and educator for Del Valle ISD. “These students are learning something incredible every day, and expanding their global knowledge in ways that we never thought were possible a decade ago. This is something that a standardized, multiple choice test could never teach. This is where true critical thinking skills are born.”

Expanding Access to Education: Mobile video conferencing on desktops, PCs, smartphones and tablets have brought tremendous value to higher education institutions. For example, the University of Arkansas now offers programs entirely online for students to be able to obtain their degrees without ever stepping foot in a classroom.

“By making our academic programs more accessible to more students in more places through our relationship with LifeSize, we believe we are fulfilling the university’s vision of transforming lives and inspiring our students to achieve their educational goals,” said Mike Duncan, IT services at the University of Arkansas. “Video conferencing has opened so many doors for our administrators, faculty and students, and I am fully confident that we will continue to invest in this technology for years to come.”

Tell us about other unique education use cases you’ve heard about or experienced. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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