Your LifeSize Video Conferencing Cheat Sheet

Once you’ve decided that video conferencing could really help your company, it may be time to convince your boss (or your boss’s boss) that it’s time to invest in a system. How do you go sell him or her on this investment, especially if they are resistant to the idea?

We’ve put together a little “cheat sheet” – of talking points, facts and statistics you can use to make your pitch.

4604556251. Talking Point: Video conferencing improves productivity: Because video conferencing makes face-to-face communication between collaborators instantaneous no matter where on the globe they might be, it’s the perfect tool for the modern business looking to bridge the distance between offices, employees and clients. Projects get done quicker, products get to market faster and the competition gets left in the dust.

The extra mile: As if desktop video conferencing wasn’t convenient enough, many companies – including LifeSize – offer solutions that are compatible with smartphones, too. That means you can be literally anywhere – at a hotel, an airport or a coffee shop – and still be connected with the office.

2. Talking Point: Video conferencing creates a flexible work environment: A flexible work environment (in which employees can work from home part-time) can drastically improve work satisfaction and worker retention, and if your boss doesn’t want to move workers off-site, you can point out to her that a company-wide video conferencing system eliminates most of the traditional barriers to a work-from-home model.

The extra mile: Happy workers are productive workers, and letting your employees work from home a couple days a week allows you to cut back on office space, save on utilities and reduce overhead.


3. Talking Point: Video conferencing is good for the bottom line: Have the decision maker add up all the travel-related expenses your company runs up in an average year: airfare, hotels, per diems, etc. Now subtract that from the cost of a video conferencing system and look at all the money you could be saving. Your boss might object to this, saying that nothing can really replace the in-person experience afforded by business travel. But adopting a video conferencing system doesn’t mean never traveling for business; it means reducing the number of extraneous trips by making high-quality, face-to-face communication between two parties possible no matter where they may be.

The extra mile: Today’s systems come in all shapes and sizes, and cloud technology (which puts software upkeep on the provider’s side rather than the client’s side) has made video conferencing more scalable than ever. It has never been easier or more affordable to jump into the world of video conferencing.

When you’re armed with the facts, video conferencing is an easy sell. Just come prepared with a handful of helpful statistics (too many and they’ll become ineffective), anticipate potential counter-arguments, and put yourself in a mindset for success!

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  1. Bob Shea

    I really liked your article. It was informative about the product and gave me some fine tips on selling it. I am new to sales so I am just now developing the language a salesman must learn to speak confidently in order to be successful in this field. So that article gave me tools I can add to ever expanding bag of phrases and knowledge about LifeSize I didn’t have before.

    Thank You!


    Bob Shea
    Packet Fusion Inc.
    (650) 292-6040


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