Using Video to Enhance Corporate Culture

The companies that manage to find long-term success are the ones that are able to attract and retain top-quality talent. We’d like to take a look today at some of the ways you can use video technology to retain your best employees.


Public recognition of your employees can boost job satisfaction and retention.

That job satisfaction and positive recognition in the workplace are intimately related is no surprise, but the degree to which they are just might be.  According to WorldatWork, a non-profit human resources company, nine out of every ten organizations have some form of recognition program in place, with 64 percent of people polled saying these programs boosted overall job satisfaction and another 58 percent saying they led to better motivation. So it’ll come as a surprise that just one in three respondents said they believed their organization’s program had a positive impact on retention.

Why the disparity?

In many cases, verbal encouragement is what passes for employee recognition; workers who really go above and beyond might even be praised in front of their fellow team members.  The problem with this is that it’s just too small-scale.  A handshake and a back slap are great for the little day-to-day things your employees do to make a positive difference in your business, but bigger accomplishments call for bigger acknowledgements.  Fortunately, video conferencing technology is giving us ways to put an employee and his or her work in the spotlight on a bigger scale than – and best of all, in ways that won’t affect your bottom line.

Using Video for Recognition

Adding video to internal and external newsletters is a great place to start.  Record a video acknowledging an “Employee of the Week” or showcasing an employee’s recent contributions to the company’s success, and attach it to email newsletters.  This is particularly good for larger companies, which might otherwise have a hard time fostering a sense of culture between employees in disparate departments.  Moreover, newsletters distributed externally can help bolster your company’s relationship with its clients, by putting a face, a name and a story to the people whose hard work makes your business relationship possible.

Another great way to recognize stand-out employees is through your company’s social media outlets.  Take that hypothetical video we just mentioned and share it on your organization’s YouTube channel, crosslinking it via your Twitter account. Not only does it give your star employee a bigger spotlight in which to shine (and to link to their friends and family), it also helps build your online brand.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

social_mediaRecognizing your employees’ achievements is fundamental to ensuring their job satisfaction, and video conferencing is giving forward-thinking companies a whole new way to do that.

Want to learn more about how you can use this powerful technology to boost job satisfaction and retain your top employees?  Then take a look at my full article in WIRED Magazine, which can be found here.

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