Changing the Way the World Communicates: HD Video for Anyone, Anywhere, Even in One of the Oldest Salt Mines in the World

At LifeSize, our core value is to fundamentally change the way the world communicates. This single philosophy echoes in everything we do as a company, from our products and solutions, to learning enablement and support. “Changing the Way the World Communicates” is a blog series that highlights unique ways that companies, and more importantly people, use HD video conferencing and how it impacts their lives, every single day.

by Marco Michieluzzi, Regional Sales – Central and Eastern Europe, LifeSize

Built in the 13th century in Poland and named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Wieliczka Salt Mine produced table salt continuously until 2007. Now, this breathtaking site is a tourist attraction that includes dozens of statues and a chapel that has been carved out of the rock salt by miners. According to the official website, nearly 1.2 million people visit the site each year.

So what could this possibly have to do with video conferencing?

One of our valued LifeSize channel partners in Poland, Veracomp, planned one of the most unique events I’ve ever experienced: a demonstration of our HD video endpoints inside of the salt mine itself. From November 22 to November 24, about 30 participants were led on a tour throughout the mine to view its statues and chapel, all of which were completely constructed out of salt. During the demonstration, participants sat in one of the conference rooms inside the mine. To no surprise, LifeSize worked perfectly during the presentation, even in this slightly unusual environment, and delivered perfect HD quality.

Here are some amazing pictures of the mine and the LifeSize event:

2 Responses to “Changing the Way the World Communicates: HD Video for Anyone, Anywhere, Even in One of the Oldest Salt Mines in the World”

  1. Marco Michieluzzi

    Thanks everybody for the successful event!
    Great commitment and support from the Veracomp and the LifeSize team, sky might be the limit…but ground is definitively not! 🙂


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