Video Infrastructure Redefined: Introducing The LifeSize UVC Platform

LifeSize is proud to announce a brand new, groundbreaking solution that redefines HD video infrastructure as we know it: the LifeSize UVC Platform.

The LifeSize UVC Platform is the industry’s first integrated and fully virtualized software solution for HD video conferencing infrastructure. This platform completely transforms the way infrastructure is delivered. Now, instead of collecting server box after server box for single-purpose products, these solutions are now available from one interface, with one login account as virtual machine software running on your own servers or as a LifeSize hardware appliance. In addition to this simple delivery method, the UVC Platform allows you to scale your company’s infrastructure needs as you grow and try out the solutions before purchase.

For the details of this announcement, read our press release: Video Conferencing Infrastructure Redefined: The LifeSize UVC Platform.

Have questions about the LifeSize UVC Platform? Want to learn more in an interactive session? Join our live Q&A this Friday at 9 am CST.  Simply tweet in your questions using the hash tag #AskLifeSize and we’ll answer them in a live stream here.

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