R&D and Video Conferencing: Collaborate More Efficiently with Global Subject Matter Experts

Collaboration is at the center of research and development: people contributing their talents and expertise to make something new and vital. In our ever-more-global business world, that increasingly means that innovation comes from the companies that are able to innovate across state and national borders. Until very recently, that required lots of travel – and if travel wasn’t possible, emails and phone calls, and the inevitable miscommunications that plagued them. But now there’s a way to communicate instantly and effectively with coworkers and collaborators located all over the world: high-definition video conferencing.

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What can it do for your company? Let’s take a look:

Meet with contractors and vendors: Need to make sure production’s on schedule but don’t have the time to constantly visit factories? Use video conferencing to meet with contractors and vendors, ensuring the job gets done on time and there aren’t any unexpected surprises along the way.

Attend distance learning programs: With video technology such as streaming and recording, it becomes simple for engineers to attend distance learning sessions at their convenience: on-demand or streaming live.

Conduct global collaboration sessions: Goodbaby Group, a worldwide leader in infant and children’s products, uses their LifeSize video conferencing system to link geographically disparate offices in China, the US, the Netherlands and Japan, fostering global teamwork and helping bring products to market faster than ever thought possible.

Manage quality control and supply chains remotely: Video collaboration makes communication easier, whether you are touring a factory remotely or meeting with partners and distributors all over the world.

Hold progress review meetings: Bateman Engineering, an energy consulting company and LifeSize client, uses their video conferencing suite to hold regular progress review meetings, which eliminates the inefficiencies caused by miscommunication.

Communicate with shareholders: LifeSize UVC Video Center enables you to communicate with individuals through a live stream (with interactive video chat) or record your presentation for on-demand viewing. Sharing important details with constituents has never been easier.

Research and development thrives when communication is both rapid and precise, and nothing’s faster or more effective than video conferencing. But as powerful as the aforementioned applications are, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Want to learn more about what video conferencing from LifeSize can do for your firm? Click here now.

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