The Villains of Video Conferencing – La Estatua

by Kevin Buechler, Program Manager for Sales Enablement, LifeSize

Kevin Buechler

Until now, we have celebrated the revolutionary, real time, magical scalability of HD video conferencing. One would think that with just one megabyte of bandwidth, a codec, camera, monitor, some business savvy and a little imagination you’d be fully armed for your video collaboration conquest. I wish I could say it were that easy.

As Stan Lee so prophetically said through the epically-fallen Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  You may have the powers of a communications superhero, but there are dangers. Fret not, you won’t have to keep the Maserati in the garage for the winter. Pay close attention to the foils and pitfalls of the following characters and steer clear of what I like to call “Standard Definition” behavior. You can get away with throwing “weak cheese” in the minors, but that junk doesn’t play in the show, Rook!

Illustration by Courtney Lubke

In this series, I will examine five villains of video conferencing. They are vile, despicable creatures, threatening to ruin the beauty, quality and sheer genius of an HD video call. Do not be alarmed young ones, there is a way to combat the villains of the video world: LifeSize.

Culprit #1 – La Estatua

This sad villain is literally paralyzed by the sight of crystal-clear video communications. Eyes are glazed and don’t blink. Hands are glued to the desk with a perpetual sense of rigor mortis. It is difficult to define if the random head motions are a result of involuntary muscle spasms, a strong wind or an intricate system of wires and pulleys. Immobile and eerily transfixing, you can’t stand to look at him but are afraid to look away.

Beware: La Estatua is even scarier on a multipoint call – imagine the “Brady Bunch” if Marcia was a zombie.

The only way to combat this evil doer is through the superior quality of LifeSize. A mixture of 720p30, 720p60 or 1080p30 is the perfect concoction to bring La Estatua back to life. Even under the scariest, most terrifying bandwidth conditions, LifeSize will emerge victoriously and save him from the depths of poor call quality.

Stay tuned for our next installment of the Villains of Video Conferencing as we examine the enigma that is “Frankenfidget”.

4 Responses to “The Villains of Video Conferencing – La Estatua”

  1. Chip Kohrman

    La Estatua sounds absolutely horrifying. Maybe video conferences should mandate pre-conference stretching techniques to attendees.

    Great post, Kevin. I linked to it on Telesaur’s blog (along with a Marcia Brady zombie mock-up). Looking forward to Frankenfidget!


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