“Hi, how can I help you?” Virtual Receptionist Really is in Five Places at Once

Tangram Interiors provides products and services to enable customers to have highly effective workspaces. From systems furniture to walls and flooring to files, Tangram provides comprehensive solutions to meet any company’s needs. One of our valued distribution partners, Jenne, told us about Tangram and the unique way that they are using video conferencing. Tangram has created a virtual receptionist using HD video. Here’s how it works.

The company currently has four remote offices, as well as its headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, California. Each office has a reception area, complete with a product showroom. Because the company is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, they wanted a receptionist in each showroom to guide customers through and help connect them with the right sales representative. But why hire five separate receptionists when you can leverage the power of HD video conferencing technology? The company sprang into action and purchased five LifeSize Room 220 systems, placed them in each showroom (with an accompanying HD monitor) and configured them to auto-answer. Each morning, Tangram’s receptionist, Carol, dials all of the systems from her office in Santa Fe Springs. With that simple action, she is instantly connected to all of the offices throughout California. Using a split-screen layout, Carol can see all of the showrooms and greet customers as they walk in. Alternatively, the customers see Carol’s face on the monitor and instantly feel at ease. Using LifeSize, Tangram provides the exceptional customer experience they are known for and Carol can easily manage all five reception areas herself.

“Cisco had a fancy model that cost a lot of money, but we knew we could get the same HD quality from LifeSize at a more attractive price,” said Efrain J. Gastelum, manager of network operations & emerging technologies at Tangram Interiors. “Not only does the system look great when someone walks in, it has really helped us maximize our resources. LifeSize works perfectly and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Here is a photo of Tangram’s virtual receptionist:

5 Responses to ““Hi, how can I help you?” Virtual Receptionist Really is in Five Places at Once”

  1. Saima

    Hi, can I split screens with LifeSize cloud? Same monitor but half the screen shows my presentation and the other half shows the presenter.

    • Julian Fields

      Yes you can. Screen sharing or data sharing is a big piece of Lifesize Cloud. Here is a video we made that talks more about the screen sharing feature. It also gives you the ability to slide the ratio of presentation to video call so that you can make one bigger than the other. Let us know if you have any other questions. I’m happy to help.


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