vLog Introduction to the LifeSize Blog

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3 Responses to “vLog Introduction to the LifeSize Blog”

  1. Nancy Bliss

    Please define the process and equipment you use to convert LifeSize to Vblog video, it looks so good!

    • Casey

      Thank you. I had this question from a few people in the other comments section. Here is my reply.

      There are 2 methods to capture box records.
      -To record without calling the system, it will record from the HDMI feed and audio from the directional microphone.
      -To record an incoming call or outgoing call, then it will take the video from HDMI and audio from the audio line out.

      We plan to write up a usage and creation document for this capture box in the near future – so more details to come.

  2. David H. Deans


    I’m also interested in learning more about the production process that you’re using to create your vLog. Once you capture the video content, which NLE software do you use to edit the video, mix in the intro and add the music soundtrack.

    FYI, I’m also based in Austin and have a keen interest in business video applications. More details of my own experimentation are included in the guest blog post that I wrote for Dell http://bit.ly/Business-Video


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