Dear Road Warrior: Wannabe George

Road Warrior

Dear Road Warrior,

I am a traveling businessman and always on the go. I am a little like George Clooney in the movie, Up in the Air, but on the road (and not as good-looking). To me, minimalism is paramount. I want to carry the least amount of stuff with me to simplify my life on the road. I find myself using my smartphone and tablet more often as there are more and more features being offered on those devices every day. What real options do I have for communication via these mobile devices?

–       Wannabe George

Dear W.G.,

Well, my traveling friend, start with the obvious – audio communications. A quick call to the office to give your counterparts an update on the meeting is a no-brainer. But I can do you one better.

Why do an old-fashioned audio call when video provides a more genuine human interaction, and is just as easy? (Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Sure, you can call your colleagues as you’re racing to the taxi line on your smartphone – but why call when you can video conference? Whether you like it or not, meetings are still happening in the office while you’re Up in the Air. Why not be face-to-face with your management team when you tell them you nailed the account?

Did you know that you can have a multiway call on LifeSize® ClearSea™? It is not just point-to-point. This makes you even more productive and you don’t have to wait for everyone to “join the call” – a big timewaster when you just need to get business done. Give it a try. It’s free to download and you can call a ton of different smartphones, tablets and conference room systems.

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