Welcome Back, Craig!

Today, Logitech announced that Craig Malloy has rejoined LifeSize as chief executive officer and senior vice president of Logitech. [Click here to read the press release.]


Malloy is a leader in the video conferencing industry who founded LifeSize in 2003, oversaw its acquisition by Logitech in 2009 and served as LifeSize’s CEO until 2012.

“LifeSize’s legacy as a pioneer and world leader in video collaboration is one of the crowning achievements of my career, and I am thrilled to be back to lead us in the right direction and build upon our proven success,” said Malloy. “The guiding principle on which LifeSize was founded was one of relentless innovation, and I aim to reinvigorate LifeSize with that inventive, audacious spirit once more.“

We’re thrilled too, Craig! It’s great to have you here!

4 Responses to “Welcome Back, Craig!”

  1. Mark Bannenberg

    Dear Craig,
    looking forward to the joy of the next well thought out, innovative, user aligned products. Your leadership will be followed by many in the LifeSize fold. The original anyone, anywhere, anytime philosophy still rings true.
    All our best wishes from the Merge Communications crew.
    Mark Bannenberg

  2. Jason Bordujenko

    Great to see you back at the helm Craig!
    What an exciting time in the industry with some of the major changes that have been seen across the entire product portfolio of not just Lifesize but the video collaboration ecosystem of late. The challenges of virtual computing environments and the cloud (not necessarily one and the same, but sharing the same DNA) are something that I have seen LifeSize take a front seat role in shaping and with some of the firsts that have been key to the major industry leaps forward being on your watch, I’m excited to see what the future holds. – Jason Bordujenko

  3. Manuel gens

    Great news, for a lot of reasons i’m very happy with your return at home. Well done Craig, is time for a new vision to built videoconferencing solutions. In other words, beyond google lives the Craig Vision, thanks for your support friend of mine. Please consider visit with the executive team of Lifesize in the next Holy year Santiago of Compostelle,
    Manuel Gens

  4. Linda Benthall

    Yay! What a Happy Day it was when Craig made the decision to come back to LifeSize!! With Craig in the lead, the ONLY way to go now is UP!! Next Up? Who knows?? My experience is this… LifeSize is the Best in the Industry and will continue to provide clients and customers the high quality easy to use systems and applications that will make communicating fun and affordable!


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