Why Celebrate World Car Free Day? Good Planets are Hard to Find

On September 22, individuals from around the globe celebrated World Car Free Day. The event, which began in 1997 under the name, “Carbusters,” aims to promote alternatives to car dependence and automobile-based planning, thereby improving quality of life for all.

Though the event happened yesterday, the mission of this motivated group of individuals rings true on every day of the year. The world’s dependence on cars is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. Not to mention, going car-free could significantly impact our reliance on fuel. Teleworking (or “telecommuting”) is one easy way that modern knowledge workers could minimize our collective dependence on cars. Did you know that as much as 850 million gallons of fuel could be saved annually if all those who could telework did so at least one day a week? Not to mention, if those with compatible jobs and a desire to work from home did so just half the time, the greenhouse gas reduction would be the equivalent of taking the entire New York State workforce permanently off the road. That’s pretty incredible, right?

Technologies such as desktop and mobile video conferencing make working from home as natural as working in an office. The high definition quality of the images is so much like an in-person interaction that it is as if you are looking through a window to another place, rather than at an HD monitor. The technology simply disappears and you can interact naturally with colleagues, clients and partners. If your job is compatible with WFH and you are interested in the lifestyle, consider speaking to your manager about how to make the transition. Here are some pointers for when you have that conversation: Explaining the Value of High-Quality Video Communications.

Even though the official World Car Free Day was yesterday, we encourage you to examine your life (both personal and work) to see how you can cut out driving. Even one or two trips saved per day can make a significant impact. Remember, we make the world we live in and we shape our own environment. It is our collective responsibility as citizens of this planet to keep it in good health. By examining your personal reliance on cars and making small changes in your life, we can make the world a better place for future generations.

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