[VIDEO] Simon Says (in 90 seconds): Why should I use LifeSize instead of a web conferencing tool?

In this video, LifeSize Video Evangelist Simon Dudley explains why companies should use HD video collaboration technology from LifeSize rather than web conferencing applications. Do you agree with him? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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3 Responses to “[VIDEO] Simon Says (in 90 seconds): Why should I use LifeSize instead of a web conferencing tool?”

  1. Christian Wahlin

    Isn’t it a fact, that some of the results of the “digital revolution” has lowered peoples demands for quality? 20-30 years ago, people would invest a lot in hi-fi and the quality of Music was really important. With mp3, you could have the quantity and easy access, but the quality certainly didn’t take one step to a higher level.

    Same goes for video, when we started using and Selling the first HD capable systems, people were blown away by the quality, but with the huge surge of client based video such as Skype and those you mentioned, many seem perfectly happy to see each other in a small window. Not very “immersive” in my view, but still an obstacle for sales. The key seem to be to get those people to a demo, but more and more customers seem reluctant. Any views on this?

    Best Regards, Christian – Sweden

    • Mark Penry

      Hi Christian, I appreciate your thoughtful comments above. In my opinion, its about using the right tool for the right job. I don’t believe peoples demands for quality have diminished at all. The sale of HDTV television sets and high quality headphones for music shows that people continue to strive for better quality and a better value.

      Too many people still believe they need to hop on a jet for meetings. Skype and web conferencing can’t replicate the feeling of actually being there.

      LifeSize’s quality of video and audio provides the communication experience required for business. Ask the decision maker for 20 minutes of their time. Show them the quality, ease of use, and fantastic ROI and they will be hooked. Not to mention the recording and streaming benefits that can’t be matched by web conferencing or face to face meetings.

      Positioned properly, every business should be using LifeSize to communicate with their customers, suppliers, vendors and staff.

      – Thanks.

    • Simon Dudley


      In many ways I would say quality is a one way street, after all once you’ve listened to a CD it’s hard to go back to cassettes, or to move backwards from DVD to VHS for example.

      Having said that quality is, however useful also tempered by the need for ubiquity. After all Netflix’s is nothing like the quality of Blue Ray, but it is more popular because it’s more convenient.

      I think the true answer is that all of these technologies have their place. There is no one answer. So HD Video Conferencing and Web conferencing are both useful tools, they simply have different advantages and limitations. I feel our job is to help clients understand what those are.

      Hope that helps.

      Kindest Regards



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