The Video Interview: Why It’s Awesome

Johnny Chang, Recruiting Manager, LifeSize

Here at LifeSize, we conduct video interviews every day. I know what you are thinking, “well of course you do, you are a video conferencing company,” but honestly, the reasons we do interviews this way has nothing to do with the product we sell. LifeSize is a global company and that means we interview candidates in different states, countries and even completely different continents. We interview via video because it’s just a smart business decision, not just because we sell video conferencing solutions.

Here are the two main reasons why you should consider interviewing via video:

Video Job InterviewIt Just Makes “Cents”

Nothing beats meeting a candidate in-person and shaking their hand. But if your company is hiring salespeople all across the U.S. (or even the world), it isn’t feasible for you to fly all of those potential candidates to your headquarters or to a regional location to meet with you in person. Think of all of the costs: a plane ticket, transportation, meals, incidentals and remember that someone has to fill out that expense report, as well.

Furthermore, the candidate either has to take an entire day off of work or fly in the night before to interview in the morning. If you tally up the cost of a typical in-person interview (depending on where they are coming from), you’re looking at anywhere from $200 to potentially thousands of dollars in expenses incurred for an in-person interview. This can be even more expensive if you are forced to wait until the last minute to buy the plane ticket. Compare this to the cost of a video interview. You could have an almost identical interview experience using a HD video-enabled meeting room, like those at Regus.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Every recruiter knows that speed is paramount. After all, one day could be the difference between landing that all-star candidate or not. When a face-to-face interview is required, there are tons of moving pieces that need to come together for it to happen. For example, you must not only sync up the schedules of your team, but you must also ensure that your team’s availability matches up with the candidate’s availability. With so many meetings, vacations and travel schedules, it can be quite the challenge to pinpoint a date and time that works for everyone. Many times, candidates also have family responsibilities or commitments that prevent them from spending time away from home. There are a myriad of reasons why interviewing candidates in person can delay the process.  With a limited pool of great candidates considering multiple opportunities, speed is the single most important factor in recruiting success or failure.

Have you ever participated in a video job interview? Tell us how it went in the comment box below.

2 Responses to “The Video Interview: Why It’s Awesome”

  1. Janet Kaden

    I 100% agree. I myself had a phone interview (which is to me pretty similar one) before I moved to the city I live in now, and flying here only to have an interview would’ve been unacceptable – I just didn’t have that much time. I believe video interview is a brilliant solution to this problem. Not only is it convenient, it actually broadens choice both: for employers and job seekers. There are even articles written about how to prepare for this kind of interview: You are doing the right thing interviewing people via video chat, I believe this is a step forward for any company.

    • jsteele

      Thanks Janet. Glad to hear that you enjoy video interviews! We’re hoping the trend will catch on with more companies soon!


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