Work-Life Balance – Thank You, LifeSize

A very personal success story

by Martina Plate, EMEA Sales, LifeSize

Martina Plate

Nearly five years ago, I started working at LifeSize as a Channel Support Manager. With only a few other people working in the LifeSize European offices, we all had much to do. We grew our channel communities and supported our partners in demonstrating our system in sales engagements – at this time, we had the original HD video conferencing system, LifeSize Room, to sell. Today, there are more than 50 LifeSize employees working in EMEA.

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At the time, I was based in Munich, Germany and loved what I was doing, loved where I was living and was happy with my life – until I fell in love. I knew from the very beginning that HE was it! He was the one I wanted to grow old with and spend the rest of my life with. Unfortunately, he was from Hamburg – too far away. If I were living in Austin, it would be as if he were living in Seattle – too far a distance to make seeing one another every weekend possible and I didn’t want a long-distance relationship. I would rather move to Hamburg without a job than stay in Munich and lose this wonderful person.

But I didn’t need to quit. I was working in an industry where everything is possible. You can live your life and do your job no matter where you are. LifeSize gave me the opportunity to move to Hamburg and remain in my role. I continue to support our channels via video conference and some partners have never even noticed that I relocated (they see the same pictures on my wall during our video calls)!

Today, I live in Hamburg with the man I met in Munich, and still work for LifeSize and our baby girl arrived last year. Today, I follow corporate meetings on my PC or iPad/iPhone – mostly in the afternoons due to time differences – on LifeSize Video Center live or on-demand, depending upon when my little girl wants to play with her mummy.

This is real work-life balance. For me, LifeSize is not only the best video conferencing provider in the world, but also the best employer. Thank you, LifeSize.

Martina’s baby girl, Marla

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