WFH Fashion Tips: From Couch to Video Conference

Jacey Overton

by Jacey Overton, Corporate Communications Manager, LifeSize

Working from home. To some, this phrase conjures up images of lounging in pajamas and answering emails from the couch while daytime television shows hum in the background. But in reality, working from home (often known as “WFH”) isn’t about lolling around in your best (or worst) sweatpants (save that for a sick day). In fact, dressing down to work from home can deter your productivity. When you stay in your pajamas all day, it can be easier to get distracted by errands, housework and other personal matters.

Even when you work from home, you can still look fashionable. (Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia)

However, this doesn’t mean you have to lug out your ironing board and your best slacks for the day. There’s a middle ground where the WFH Wardrobe lives. We went ahead and channeled our inner Rachel Zoe to bring you the following tips and examples of easy, polished and affordable work-from-home looks that will keep you comfortable enough to work from your kitchen table and professional enough to hop on a video conference with your colleagues.

Let us know what you think and feel free to leave your own tips in the comment section below!

WFH Fashion Tips:

  • Stock up on mix-and-match pieces that are comfortable, but presentable, so you can pull an outfit together instantly while saving money on hard-to-match standalone pieces. Beware of anything too revealing, since both can be accentuated on camera.
  • Go neutral or pastel when selecting your tops: All white or black can wash you out or diminish your appearance on camera whereas really bright colors will pop out,making it hard to see your facial expressions. Stick to solid, non-patterned fabrics.
  • Keep accessories to a minimum since HD quality cameras will catch anything too big and flashy (such as large hanging earrings or metal tie clips), which makes it hard to focus on the non-shiny objects. Also, avoid noise-making accessories that the microphone will catch and distract the other participants.
  • Tend to your most important accessory: your face. Men, don’t forget to shave. Women, keep makeup conservative. Also, make sure that your hair is well-kempt and styled away from your face to avoid creating shadows
  • Contacts or glasses? If you can, opt for contacts when on a video call since glasses often reflect light into the camera, especially if you are sitting in front of a computer monitor.

Sample Outfits For Her:



Sample Outfits For Him:





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  1. Ji Hae

    It is fine to wear jeans if it has spandex material, great tip! Men have lots of ways to keep their fashion wardrobe updated. There is an abundance of tips already!
    Kpop fashion


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