SXSW - Powered by Lifesize

For this year's SXSW, we are using our technology in innovative ways to connect people who may or may not be at the event. Through the use of our endpoints & recording and streaming technology, we're able to bring you all the events you see on this page.

Thanks to Matt the Electrician for an awesome concert! You can view the recording here:


Tuesday, March 6th- Lifesize facilitates SXSWEdu Opening Session: "On The Horizon: Harnessing Emerging Technologies in Education" by connecting 3 remote sites: SXSWedu, CoSN and SITE.

Wednesday, March 7th - Cindy Joffrion, Ph.D. (Program Manager: GEM Grant Services for Lifesize) gives presentation on "Infinity and Beyond the Classroom-Using Virtual Field Trips for Experiential Learning"

Starting Friday, March 9th - Lifesize streams live from 6th street!

Tuesday, March 13th 3pm CST - Matt the Electrician plays LIVE from the Lifesize headquarters. Concert will be streamed on this page.

Grant Services

您是否知道 LifeSize 能为贵校建立视频会议系统筹集资金?如果您对我们的拨款服务感兴趣,请联系我们

LifeSize 演示开始!

欢迎您进入高清视频会议的精彩世界!我们的团队将会向您全面介绍 LifeSize 视频会议,并演示:

  • 进行中的实时高清视频通话(在办公室中或移动设备上)
  • 如何向视频通话中添加参与者
  • 分享文档,令通话中的每个人都能对其进行浏览
  • 串流和录制会议,方便日后播放和存档