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Kilpatrick Stockton Conducts Legal Proceedings and Delivers Client Services with LifeSize® High Definition Video Communications

International Law Firm Counts on LifeSize® Room™ for Briefings, Depositions, Client Interactions and Attorney Meetings

Austin, Texas, 四月 30 2007

LifeSize®, the high definition video communications company, today announced that Kilpatrick Stockton, a full-service international law firm, is using LifeSize® Room™ across its U.S. and international offices to collaborate internally as well as conduct legal proceedings and deliver client services. LifeSize Room is a high definition video communications product that allows geographically distributed participants in multiple locations to experience more effective, true-to-life interactions.

After a review of possible alternatives, Kilpatrick Stockton purchased LifeSize Room systems through LifeSize channel partner, Videré Conferencing. Kilpatrick Stockton engaged Videre, a leading provider of video, audio and web conferencing solutions, to initially conduct a technology assessment and then install a total of 11 systems in all seven domestic offices – includes three in Atlanta, GA and two in Winston-Salem, NC – and one system in its London, England office. The addition of a thirteenth system in Stockholm, Sweden is underway.

“Upon consulting with Videre, we selected LifeSize based on the superior video and audio quality as well as the ease-of-use and management of the systems,” said David Gregson, CIO of Kilpatrick Stockton. “The positive response we’ve received from the attorneys using the LifeSize systems have been amazing. This has been one of our most successful technology projects so far and even visitors have commented on how great the video calls look.”

Kilpatrick Stockton counts on LifeSize Room systems to conduct point-to-point meetings and to connect multiple sites for briefings, depositions, client interactions and even employment interviews. Using high definition video communications is allowing them to save valuable time that can be applied to other billable activities. Recently, a series of 80 annual partner-to-partner review meetings that typically take 45 days to conduct were completed in just nine days with LifeSize Room video calls.

“Utilizing high definition video communications for legal practices is becoming a growing phenomenon given hourly attorney fees can have a significant impact on client expenses,” said Craig Malloy, CEO of LifeSize. “By using LifeSize systems to conduct various proceedings and activities, law firms like Kilpatrick Stockton are able to maximize their partners’ time-to-billing ratios for better serving multiple clients while in effect reducing overall costs for everyone.”

LifeSize Room, with its patent-pending industrial design and high definition technology, offers the very best price-to-performance available on the market. By delivering higher video quality at all bandwidths, LifeSize Room enables every type of business around the world to realize a greatly enhanced user experience.

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