It’s been 20 years since James H. Gilmore and B. Joseph Pine coined the term Experience Economy to describe the shifting consumer appetite from commoditized products and services to complete brand experiences. Pine and Gilmore argued that consumers’ experiences with brands—and their memory of the experiences—become the product.

The modern consumer’s experience expectations are now sky-high. As a result, these experiences drive loyalty and future buying decisions.

In 2019, accelerated by digital transformation, customer experience is the clear dividing line between brands that thrive and those that stumble. Customer experience is now inextricably tied to what people will share about you—online and off—and whether they will buy from you in the future.

That’s why getting customer experience right—at every point in the customer journey—is more important than ever.  And getting it right requires consistent, connected, data-driven experiences.

In this infographic, we offer five tips for making the most out of every customer opportunity.

Customer Experience Tips

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Catherine DeStasio is Serenova’s content marketing manager.