Taking your meetings on the go? The Lifesize mobile app now makes joining your conference calls even simpler than before with new features and a brand new look that’s in sync with the Lifesize desktop and web app.

Heavily inspired by end-user preferences with a sleeker, more intuitive UI design in mind, the Lifesize mobile app’s facelift puts collaboration only a finger touch away. Here are a few things to check out when you download the new mobile app:

Pinch to zoom

Phone screens are small — so we let you zoom in on the presentation being shared on call! Now all you have to do is pinch and zoom in to follow along with screen share presentations, slide decks and videos.

Listen-only mode

If you only want to listen in to a call, swipe your screen to the right to enter Listen-Only mode. This feature turns your camera off and allows you to speak or mute but doesn’t show any video. This feature can be really helpful when you’re dialing in from a car, airport or anywhere else.

Navigation bar

The navigation bar at the bottom of your phone or tablet screen includes shortcuts to your directory, recent calls you’ve made or missed in the past and your profile where you can access your calling information and help files. You can also access chat for those offline conversations.

Chat and call notifications

Chat and call notifications alert you when someone is trying to reach you. You can contact groups of people in their designated meeting rooms and modify meetings or contacts from your chat list.

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Press Release: Lifesize Redesigns Mobile App to Boost Meeting Flexibility and On-the-go Collaboration