And the winner is …

Applying for a product award is in some ways like purchasing a lottery ticket. You know the odds of winning are long and not in your favor, but you feel compelled because maybe, just once …

Of course, winning a product award is different than purchasing a winning lottery ticket because there’s human judgment involved. Still, the feelings and emotions are similar.

Naturally, the bigger the prize, the greater the volume of entries. Such is the case when submitting a nomination for the coveted and sought-after IBM Beacon Award. Hundreds of companies file a nomination because of the prestige associated with the award and the venerable IBM brand. You know going in that you are up against strong candidates from respected companies.

But still, even though you question or even doubt the probability that the judges will select your entry as the winner in the Outstanding Solution Hosted on IBM Cloud category, you power through the lengthy nomination form and submit. Thereafter, you put all that work behind you and move on to your normal Product Marketing duties.

And then, one day weeks later, you receive an email with the subject line, “IBM Beacon Award Winner.”