Announcing LiveOps Social with New Facebook Channel Integration
Sanjay Mathur, Senior Vice President of Product Management, LiveOpsSanjay Mathur, Senior Vice President of Product Management, LiveOps

Today, we are excited to announce the integration of Facebook into LiveOps Social on the LiveOps Platform. The way that brands interact with their customers has changed. We’re entering into a “New Era of CRM” – and we know that if you want CRM to be truly social, the contact center needs to be social, as well.

LiveOps Social, a cloud application, leverages the LiveOps Platform to manage social customer interactions and deliver a better customer experience by providing a more complete and holistic view of interactions across all channels. The application was specially designed to enable companies to go beyond just social media monitoring.

LiveOps Social for Facebook furthers our offering of a quick, easy, and efficient way for enterprises to bridge their contact center to their social and mobile customers, enabling them to engage in two-way interactions on customers’ preferred channels.

Why LiveOps Social?

  • Monitor designated Twitter accounts and Facebook Pages, as well as by hashtag or keyword, in real-time
  • Tweet or post comments easily in response to customer needs
    • Pivot seamlessly from Twitter or Facebook to more private channels, such as voice or email, when required and then back again if needed
    • Access reply templates for standardized responses
  • Rest assured messages are intelligently routed to the best available agent through comprehensive queue management and engagement tools
  • Allow agent access to a single, concise record of the customer’s complete interaction history
  • Monitor and trackindividual agent performance; View report of all customer-agent interactions across all channels in a single system

LiveOps Social with new Facebook integration is available immediately worldwide. Want more information?