Just over two years ago, our team at Serenova realized the contact center market was facing a number of problems from aging infrastructure to budget constraints to evolving customer expectations. Couple all of that with the fact that the contact center market has become truly globalized, with even mid-market and SMB companies deploying in countries all over the world, companies are also increasingly challenged by data sovereignty and residency requirements. It became clear to us that – and until now – nobody has effectively solved for the new requirements this entails.

Reliability and security are paramount, of course – but those are just the table stakes. Companies of all sizes across every vertical need true global reach, without latency or call quality degradation. They need the ability to scale both up and out internationally, while maintaining a local presence, and the elasticity to scale back as spikes diminish. And, they need better access to and understanding of their data across the organization, both to help streamline operations and inform strategic planning.

We committed to tackling the problem head on through a calculated approach to the cloud contact center. We spoke to numerous organizations across virtually every industry about their current and future customer service challenges and it was clear that no CCaaS solution existed that could meet the contact center needs of a truly global, large-scale enterprise. A completely new CCaaS solution was needed to meet the current and future demands on contact centers of all sizes, worldwide.

Earlier this month, after years of R&D, Serenova announced our strategy to address that gap in the market – and the delivery of an all new, next gen CCaaS platform, running on AWS for instant global scalability. Representing the culmination of our learnings in the Contact Center space over the last 16 years, it’s designed to be simple, smart, and agile so precious resources can be dedicated to serving customers instead of managing technology.

CxEngage solves for all of the issues we saw – and perhaps most importantly – achieves it all while simplifying the technology requirements for customers across the board.  It makes life easier for everyone from the agents on the platform to the CIO, CCO, CFO, and the customers they all serve.

We’ve achieved a global contact center platform that can be provisioned, up, and running in minutes or even seconds instead of the day, weeks, months required by others, drastically reducing the time, energy, services, and costs typically associated with new deployments and expansions. CxEngage was engineered as an API-first solution, so customers anywhere can build the connectors they need, and we can stream real-time data directly to any analytics platform already in place. And there’s never a need for onsite gateways.

And the beauty of this architecture is that it offers practically infinite scalability, while remaining cost-effective and easy to deploy and use.  So whether you have one agent or tens of thousands of agents spanning the globe, if you have customers, we’re here to help you better serve them.

After all of the hard work our team has put into the development of CxEngage, we are beyond excited to finally unveil this first, major strategic move as an independent SaaS company with this launch.  And we’re just getting warmed up… so stay tuned for more updates over the coming weeks, months, and quarters as we continue working with you to build a happier world, one experience at a time.