From lectures in the auditorium to company-wide meetings in the biggest room in your building, finding a video collaboration solution that is easy to set up and use, supports all of your devices and makes everyone in the audience feel like they’re in the same room is critical. The Lifesize Icon 800 is built for auditorium-sized meeting rooms and large meeting spaces and is designed to simplify what might seem like an overwhelmingly difficult video challenge.

With multiple video inputs and outputs, audio flexibility and a design built around larger events, the Lifesize Icon 800 is the perfect fit for the auditorium-sized meeting.

Multiple Video Inputs and Outputs

You’ll quickly come to appreciate the four dedicated video inputs built into the Lifesize Icon 800. They can be used in any combination of cameras (Lifesize or other standards-based), document viewers, laptops, media players and anything else in between to display two separate output sources. Presenters or meeting administrators can easily switch between input sources using the touchscreen interface of the Lifesize Phone HD to transition between cameras or swap presentation media in the middle of a call.

Audio Flexibility

One of the main perks of deploying the Lifesize Icon 800 in your large conference room is how much flexibility you have with the audio. Not only does it come with two balanced inputs and one balanced output for your collection of microphones, it’s also built with advanced audio features like echo cancellation, automatic gain control and automatic noise reduction specifically designed around the complexities of a video conference call.

Or if you’d rather, use the Lifesize Icon 800 to manage the video conferencing components and integrate with a DSP for in-room audio. The Lifesize Icon 800 is easy enough to deploy as a stand-alone solution, but it’s also flexible to allow system integrators to get creative with their auditorium setups.

Connected Device

When you pair the Icon 800 with the Lifesize service, your company-wide meetings or auditorium-sized lectures gain all the features synonymous with Lifesize. From automatic software updates to the easy-to-navigate directory, you can get the same high-quality video conferencing experience in your auditoriums as you do in your smaller conference rooms, huddle rooms and personal devices with the Lifesize app. Paired devices are easily managed through the web-based admin console, allowing account admins to modify settings relative to each device, enable proactive health monitoring prompts and report on usage.


As the size of the meeting gets in to the hundreds or thousands of attendees, the format typically changes from a collaborative conversation to one person or maybe a small group of people presenting to the larger audience. For those one-to-many conversations such as lectures, company-wide meetings and events, the Lifesize Icon 800 combined with Lifesize Live Stream and Lifesize Record and Share becomes a powerful event solution. Its rack-mountable form factor allows you to install it into a standard podium or server rack, taking only 2RU of space, and the 200-foot phone link cable provides enough flexibility for drop installations, allowing you to configure the room the way you need to.


Here at Lifesize, we host bi-weekly all-hands meetings in our big meeting room. The meeting is broadcast to global attendees using Lifesize Live Stream, and the recording is always shared following the meeting. In-room presenters are miked ahead of time with simple wireless lav mics connected to a mixer and then into the Icon audio input. Presentation and video feeds are split across three TV screens and one HD projector, and we reserve a roaming handheld microphone that floats around the room for questions. Of the thousands of meeting minutes we spend on Lifesize every month, the town hall sessions coming out of our big room are some of the most valuable across the organization for strengthening our culture and driving our company values.

Check out the Lifesize Icon 800 datasheet for more information about how Lifesize can enhance your extra-large meeting rooms. 

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