I just don’t understand why every traditional conference call has to be so riddled with monotonous lingo and business-speak. And it’s always the same experience: dial the bridge number, follow it with #, listen to hold music while trying to not go insane, listen to “Beep! _______ has joined the conference” while trying to not go insane, have roll called on you like you’re in grade school, and 10 minutes later, actually start the conversation. Then prepare to suffer through people dropping because of bad connections, trying to speak when they’re on mute, clamoring over each other to talk or just typing away at their latest novel while not on mute. [End of rant.]


Ready to shake it up a bit? Try playing Conference Call Bingo in your next phone meeting. Inspired by the Tripp and Tyler video A Conference Call in Real Life, our bingo game was designed to help you maintain your sanity while you sit through the tedium of a traditional conference call.

How to Play:

  • Start a game to generate a random bingo board
  • Click on the square for each action or statement that comes up in a call
  • Extra points are awarded for a square called multiple times or for a bingo (full row, column, diagonal, border, or black out the entire card)
  • When the call ends, hit the “Call Over” button
  • Share your score and see if you beat your friends


And, if our bingo game is not enough to overcome the tedium of your average conference call, check out Lifesize Cloud video conferencing. It is a better meeting experience designed to help you meet the way you want to meet.