The Lifesize directory makes it easy to search for contacts by name and call them with a single click. But the ease of use doesn’t stop at internal communications. We designed an intuitive workflow into the Lifesize guest calling experience so you can feel great sending out an invite to anyone — inside or outside of your company.

Guests are welcome to join any Lifesize call, and you send guest meeting invites the exact same way you would any Lifesize user. Guests are walked through selecting their video and audio sources right from their web browser. They don’t even have to download applications or install plug-ins to meet you face to face.

In addition to browser-based calling, we also provide other ways to call, including joining via one of our third-party integrations like Skype for Business or an IP-based conference room camera system. And if your guests are unable to or uncomfortable joining via video, we offer audio-only dial-in numbers with local numbers in more than 50 countries.

Inside a call, guests are able to view a list of participants, mute and unmute their microphone and camera, and share their screen just like any other Lifesize user. Skip the awkward delayed start where guests join late because they have to install a plug-in or restart their browser before connecting. Treat your guests to an incredibly easy dial-in experience and put your focus on the meeting at hand.