The French consulting and accounting associations network, Cerfrance, was looking for a video conferencing solution that would help all 64 of their departmental agencies communicate with one another. While they all operate independently across France, they aimed to unify their message across all 12,000 employees to deliver a consistent brand for their 320,000 customers. 

Lifesize recently had the chance to talk to the Systems and Unified Communications Manager at RESOTIC, the Cerfrance IT subsidiary that serves both Cerfrance and its members, to gain more insight into how they discovered and deployed Lifesize across their multiple offices around the country. 

Learn how Lifesize became the go-to solution for Cerfrance.

Convincing Cerfrance to adopt Lifesize was easy. From interoperability with third-party solutions like Skype for Business to the flexibility of a desktop client and a web-based app, Lifesize was the perfect video solution for the end users at Cerfrance. On the administration side, they were also eager to use the cloud-based Lifesize service for their video infrastructure instead of having to deploy their own data servers. Within just six months, they trained over 80 employees, installed 12  Lifesize® Icon™ meeting room camera systems, created 633 virtual meeting rooms, and made an average of about 200 calls a month. 

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