It sounds made up, but it’s not.

“Chaos Never Dies” Day is a holiday grounded in the idea that the peace-and-quiet moments that we’re all looking for don’t exist. It’s a day to make the most of right now.


Even our latest gif-o-graphic, How to Cut Down on Conferencing Chaos, doesn’t dare promise chaoslessness — that’s absurd. What it does is cover the results of our recent survey on simplifying the meeting experience. In the collaboration space, the biggest source of chaos is the effort to use, manage and maintain too many desperate vendors. Separate apps for audio, video, web and chat are a chaos breeding ground for everyday users.

At Lifesize, “Chaos Never Dies” Day is a time to reflect on our mission to connect people to make their workplace great — to provide collaboration technology to help reduce chaos, not cause it. Because being able to simply sit back and experience the day without the fear of failing communication is priceless.

We’re such big fans of this holiday that we’re hosting a 45-minute webcast on Wednesday, November 16, to dive into Zen and the art of cutting down enterprise web and video conferencing chaos. During this live session, Lifesize Senior Product Manager Robert Maloney will be online discussing five ways to reduce conferencing chaos so you can focus on more important things (reducing rogue IT, adopting new technologies, closing helpdesk tickets, going to happy hour, etc.) while your technology does the work.

Join us, won’t you?