So you’re chatting in your team’s HipChat® room or Slack® channel with some colleagues about the designs for your next big project. You’re bouncing around ideas and getting great suggestions — and maybe discussing lunch plans (tacos, anyone?). At some point, the conversation gets more involved, and a face-to-face meeting with the whole team is needed to work through some concepts. Well, not everyone on the team is in the same office (or even on the same continent), so how about a quick video call to keep the momentum going? /lifesize.

With Lifesize chat integrations, you can easily continue your conversation over HD quality video and start a meeting right from HipChat or Slack. Once enabled, type in /lifesize and a link will be displayed to join a Lifesize virtual meeting room — just click the link and you’re in!

Attendees will join from their web browser via the Lifesize web app. And just like all other Lifesize meetings, guests are always free — so team members without Lifesize accounts are of course welcome.

HipChat and Slack are the latest additions to our business collaboration tool integrations. Like Microsoft® Outlook®, Skype® for Business, IBM Sametime® and standards-based video systems, we’re creating a solution that’s flexible around your existing workflows to allow you to reach more people face-to-face while enjoying our best-in-class meeting room experience.

For more detailed instructions, check out our help documentation for setting up a HipChat or Slack chat integration.