Cloud Expo is a wrap for 2016. Once again, it was another fantastic event as we got to hear over 500 industry leaders, including Deloitte, British Gas, the Home Office and Adidas-Group, discuss key business and technology topics surrounding the cloud.

Our exhibit showcased Lifesize® Cloud and the latest Lifesize® Icon™ HD camera systems in action. It was great to visit with show attendees and other exhibitors to learn more about the real issues they face with their day-to-day communications. Not surprisingly, the two most frequent problems we heard at the show were:

  • Teams finding it difficult to collaborate on projects with people dispersed around the globe
  • Slowed decision making resulting from too much reliance on email communication

The good news is that video can solve both of these problems by improving communication and productivity around the office. For many visitors, this was their first look at Lifesize and their first time seeing a business-grade video call in action — quite a difference from the consumer-grade tools they had previously tried with mixed results in the past.

The camera crew from Cloud Moves TV even stopped by for a chat. We discussed the evolution of communication and collaboration in the digital age and why businesses should integrate cloud into their communication mix. We also talked about how businesses no longer need to reserve video conferencing just for execs in boardrooms. The ease of use and availability of high speed internet has allowed a whole new arsenal of personal computers and mobile devices to connect over video. Check out the video to hear more.