When it comes to weeding through, comparing and contrasting, and selecting the right collaboration solution for you and your organization, it can get a little bit complicated. From choice fatigue to finding a lot of “close enough” solutions, it’s easy to be tempted to just settle for a solution that fits most but not all of your communication needs. Why settle, when you can go for a perfect video solution?

As an organization that has seen the rise in popularity of the connected conference room system and the blossoming of cloud-based technology in the office space, the teams at Perfect Video Conferencing and Lifesize know that the industry and market can definitely get chaotic when choosing a collaboration and communication tool. But that doesn’t mean you should have to compromise ease of use, quality, price or features — you deserve to find the right tool for you and your organization. The thing is, manually assembling a video solution from scratch could end up costing more and being more of a pain than just investing in a proven solution specifically built for your conference room.

We had the opportunity to talk to Randy Marcotte, the CEO, President and Co-Founder of Perfect VC, about how Lifesize is the best conferencing solution of its kind.

Eight years ago, we chose to partner with Lifesize because of how the organization completely disrupted the video conferencing market. Back then, businesses were stuck thinking that video conferencing models had to be specialized, complicated and expensive. Lifesize came along with a video conferencing system for the modern worker — it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to get in your conference room but didn’t cut on consistency, reliability or ease of use. Our customers trust Perfect Video will stand behind solutions they deploy, and Lifesize has made that promise easy to keep. We’ve kept that strong partnership through all the conference room chaos that came with the growth of the industry for a few reasons.

One provider from cradle to grave

Lifesize is one of the few organizations that engineers, manufactures, markets and supports their products all from one place. This approach closes a lot of gaps when it comes to reporting hardware and software issues, and it’s also a more direct way to do business. They know their products inside and out, and when a customer request is made, both PVC and Lifesize are quick to respond which leads to very high levels of customer satisfaction and retention. Our loyalty to Lifesize and our shared customer desire for quality and consistency has created a true video conferencing win for everyone involved. 

The Lifesize Phone HD and SIP Integration

From SIP capabilities to high audio quality, the Lifesize systems stands out from all the rest. The phone outperforms everything else in its class, and for good reason. Instead of dealing with remotes for all the different pieces of hardware in every meeting room, the Phone HD connects to the Lifesize service and can be the only thing in the room (aside from the camera itself) and you’ll be good to go. You can access your company directory, jump into other virtual meeting rooms, mute, access your calendar, control the camera, stream and record with just a swipe of a finger. With easy SIP integration to a number of different platforms, PVC is able to deliver clean, elegant deployments and cut down to one device in the conference room for all VoIP, video and content-sharing control. 

Timeless hardware

When it comes to investing in technology, it’s important to believe in the brand that you choose. With Lifesize, it doesn’t matter if you have early systems from almost a decade ago or you’re set up with the newest and coolest video conferencing systems — you can still connect your entire organization across the centralized cloud-based solution. Perfect Video Conferencing has been able to bank on this reliability through our customer service level agreements and ROI guarantee. The lifespan of Lifesize products is incredible — Lifesize makes us look good, and makes our customers happy with their investment. 

Customer obsession

There’s a reason why the Lifesize CSA team consistently gets recognized and awarded. On those rare occasions when our customers report problems with their Lifesize solutions or need onboarding training, we don’t hesitate to directly send them over to the Lifesize help desk. The quickness to solve a problem is exponentially better compared to other organizations, and they’re available 24x7x365.

Total cost of ownership (TCO)

PVC takes TCO very seriously, and will make the effort to review a solution and its TCO for any of our customers. When it comes to deploying a solution in a conference room, accumulating a DIY kit of hardware isn’t necessarily difficult — but it’s takes a lot more work for the IT admin to support and manage over time, adding to the TCO with more parts to track, more service contracts to maintain and more partners to manage. Lifesize, as an all-in-one solution, delivers a consistent experience across all of your devices and all of your meeting rooms. HD video and audio collaboration doesn’t get any simpler to manage and use than the purpose-built, flexible, scalable and innovative Lifesize solution.


Randy Marcotte is the CEO, President and Co-Founder of Perfect Video Conferencing, an organization dedicated in finding the right video conferencing technology for their customers’ organizations. Perfect VC has been a Lifesize partner for almost a decade, was named Lifesize Technical Partner of the Year, and has earned gold partner status. With a keen eye for wading through the chaos that comes with being in the video conferencing technology industry, Randy wanted to share a few things that made Lifesize stand out from all the rest.