Cloud Contact Center Software Provider Comparison Matrix

A Simple, Customizable Tool to Help You Evaluate CCaaS Vendors and Their Offerings

As more companies become comfortable with the concept of cloud computing, contact center operations management is starting down the path to determine which cloud-based contact center solution might be a fit for their business. When beginning this journey, most of us start with the same approach: we read articles, blogs and white papers; we search for the universe of potential providers to evaluate; and we investigate the existence of best practices from experts in the field to help us stay on the right path as we navigate our way through the selection process.

Donna Fluss of DMG Consulting is one of these experts, frequently referenced due to her expertise and insights into the contact center marketplace. Donna recently wrote a paper titled “What End Users Want From Their Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Vendor,.” The article explores topics such as the user’s desire for ongoing innovation, key contact center functionality, contact center expertise, disaster recovery capabilities, plus some often-overlooked criteria.

Based on this analysis, Lifesize partnered with DMG Consulting to create a downloadable checklist for assessing vendors in the contact center space. With customizable scoring and evaluation, this checklist is designed to save you considerable time and effort in your search for the right CCaaS solution.

An example of a completed cloud contact center vendor evaluation spreadsheet

Download the Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Vendor Selection Decision Framework and get started crafting a long-term, sustainable contact center strategy that meets your changing needs.