Cloudforce 2012: Bridging the Social Gap Between Companies and Customers
Marty Beard, President and CEO

Marty Beard, President and CEO

“Welcome to the Social Enterprise” was the main theme of yesterday’s Cloudforce 2012 conference. Marc Benioff covered a variety of categories under this theme during the keynote. One of the categories was customer social network, which revealed a gap in social media communications between companies and their customers. LiveOps is helping to bridge this communication gap by transforming customer interactions in the cloud.

In the past decade, there’s been a major shift in communications. Social Customer Service is now a “must have” and not just a “nice to have.” This was demonstrated by leading-edge company case studies showcased in Marc’s keynote yesterday. is enabling SMBs to service social customers today. To service social customers on an enterprise scale, however, companies need even more powerful cloud solutions, such as LiveOps Platform and LiveOps Applications, with the following attributes in order to ensure both quantity and quality of service:

  • Agent Productivity – Giving enterprises the tools to serve customers right, regardless of how the communication comes in – Email, Chat, Voice, SMS, or Twitter
  • Management Oversight / SLA – When managing your workforce, analytics and metrics such as Abandonment Rate, Time to Resolution, and Conversion Rate are key
  • Intelligent Routing – Customers can interact in the channels they choose and these interactions are routed to the right agent in the right channel at the right time
  • Voice – Regardless of social media channels, people will continue to use the phone as the most personal and immediate way to communicate

When done incorrectly, this has a serious impact on the bottom line as measured by:

  • Brand equity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Share of wallet
  • Loyalty for repeat purchase
  • Customer Lifetime Value

I’ll close with this final thought. I believe that the 17,000+ people who attended this conference can’t be wrong: the social enterprise is here. The wait is over. This is true for the customer service contact center. LiveOps’ vision of managing customer interactions in the cloud, no matter what channel the customer chooses, is real. Isn’t it time you bridge the gap with your customers and become a social enterprise, too?

–          Marty Beard, President and CEO