Cloudforce Keynote Asks: How Are Enterprise Organizations Bridging the Social Divide?
Ann Sung Ruckstuhl, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Ann Sung Ruckstuhl, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Earlier this morning, I had the great pleasure of sitting in on the Cloudforce keynote from visionary and CEO Marc Benioff. I’ve attended a number of conferences, large and small, and have to admit this was one of the more well-thought-out and put-together keynotes I’ve seen, with inspiring messages, demos, and customer stories. Most interesting of all, it followed the theme of the conference “Welcome to the Social Enterprise” – by enabling the social enterprise firsthand and setting attendees up for a truly interactive event. From connecting the audience to an Activision customer through FaceTime and assisting him on the spot, to printing one attendee’s Twitter image through an HP printer on stage, we were shown the value of the Social Enterprise.

While each keynote speaker covered a number of topics on the evolution of the social enterprise, two thoughts in particular really stood out to me – bridging the social divide and transforming the way we handle customer service. Your customers are already active on social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Is your company? With your customers and employees on one side of the social divide and your company on the other, Benioff asked “How does your enterprise bridge the social divide?”

This was of interest to me because here at LiveOps we’re answering that question every day through the LiveOps Platform and LiveOps Applications, more specifically, LiveOps Social. We’re helping enterprise organizations bridge the social divide and take customer service to the next level through our social-enabled cloud contact center. We want to make every organization a responsive social enterprise and arm them with the tools they need to communicate directly with their customers via the social media channels they love. The results of taking the extra step to go where your customers are? Increased brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and customer lifetime revenue. That sounds like a good trade-off to us!

Check back on our blog later today for more on Cloudforce and our presentation on “Building a Social-Enabled Cloud Contact Center with LiveOps and” We’re also live tweeting from the event and encourage you to follow along with us here: LiveOps on Twitter!

–          Ann Ruckstuhl, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer