Engagement Is “All The Buzz” In 2013, Starting With LiveOps Engage

This week’s breakthrough announcement of LiveOps Engage reminds me of an interesting article I recently came across on LinkedIn by Geoffrey Moore, high-technology author, speaker and consultant. Moore discusses the new word that will dominate business dialog – engagement.

Engagement is an action that today’s consumers are demanding, brands are looking to monetize and digital resources are constantly changing. This hot topic will surely influence 2013 success metrics by measuring and encouraging better engagement with three groups: consumers, the workforce and brand marketing. At LiveOps, our 2013 goal is the same – leverage our 10+ years of expertise in enabling customer service engagement to assist all of these groups in engaging with each other in a better, faster, simpler way.

Responding to and engaging with consumers is one of the most critical cross-functional processes in any company – spanning social, mobile and traditional communications channels. Although today’s brands are focused on “engaging” with consumers on some level, most of them are not doing it well or at all on some channels.  LiveOps’ consistent focus on customer service engagement enables us to continue informing and transforming how brands and agents engage with customers on any channel of choice.

To start, we have pulled together a list of the top three benefits of engaging with consumers:

1. Reach

With advancements in communication technology and infrastructure over the past several years, the ability to interact with brands and their employees has been dramatically extended. The every-day consumer has a direct line to their favorite (or least favorite) companies’ business pages or feeds from anywhere and at any time. In turn, companies have more channels with which to reach consumers and foster positive engagement.

2. Retention

In most retail environments, customer service is the only factor that turns a one-time customer into a repeat customer. Businesses are looking at customer retention numbers as the benchmark for effective customer service. We all know, these customer relationships thrive best with faster, more consistent engagement.

3. Community

Above anything else, brand engagement with consumers brings a sense of community, a small-business feel to a large corporation and the type of personal attention that a customer needs for them to feel valued.

With LiveOps Engage, we’re providing a must-have tool for companies to create better, faster, consistent customer experiences. As we maintain our commitment to transforming how brands and customer service agents engage with consumers, we hope that this year’s business buzzword and LiveOps Engage are only just the beginning of a great 2013.

–          Marty Beard, President and CEO, LiveOps