If you’ve ever been on a call with an oblivious meeting participant who wasn’t on mute, then you know how important moderator controls can be for the productivity of a large meeting. Now as those meeting monsters carry on with their private side conversations in front of the entire call, moderators can swoop in and save the meeting with a quick mute or by dropping them from the call entirely. Meeting saved.

Moderating microphones or assigning permissions to individuals usually isn’t a requirement for smaller, more collaborative meetings. Having ten people engaged in a video meeting isn’t conducive to zoning off or spawning side conversations. But the ability to moderate is absolutely necessary for large audio or web conferences in which one or a handful of people end up presenting to a large audience. Lifesize has continued to evolve to support all of the different ways people connect and collaborate, including those larger web conferences.

Lifesize for Web Conferencing

Scheduled Meetings – Lifesize is great for ad-hoc video calls, but it’s just as easy to schedule a meeting for later with your email or calendar. This is especially important when you need to coordinate a meeting time for larger groups. 

Live Streaming – A standard Lifesize video call supports 300-way calling, but we also support live streaming to up to 10,000 attendees. That way you can broadcast your events to a much larger audience. Attendees don’t even need to be registered Lifesize users; anyone can attend right from their web browser.

Audio-Only Dial In – Lifesize may be known for video quality, but we also support audio-only dialing with local dial-in numbers in more than 60 countries. That way, even if you’re in the middle of a commute and don’t have access to data, you can still tune in to the web conference right from your phone.

Screen Sharing – One of the core components of any good web conference is the ability to share your screen. With Lifesize, anyone can share their entire screen or a select app to present data in crystal clear 1080p. Attendees even have the ability to modify what they see by sliding between data share and presenter video feeds.

Recorded Meetings – Lifesize meetings can be recorded with Lifesize Record and Share. Just click the “Record” button to capture everything from group calls and sales presentations to training videos and process documentation. Once the conference is over, share a link to the recording with your meeting recap for anyone unable to attend the live event.

Moderator Controls – Mute/unmute all or select side talkers, add or drop attendees and end the conference with moderator controls. The creator of the meeting room defaults to the role of moderator, but anyone can be assigned the position. 

The addition of moderator controls is the latest in a line of features focused on enhancing the user experience while reducing the burden on IT. Teams can connect in all of the different ways they like to collaborate — audio, video, web and chat — and they’re able to stream and record meetings all from a single application.