It’s officially time to pack up those audio- and web-only conferencing tools around your office, say your final good-byes and start moving on to bigger and better things.

In this webinar, Lifesize Product Marketing Manager Amanda Etheridge bids adieu to those solely audio and web conferencing tools and explains how video conferencing can increase meeting efficiency, employee engagement and overall profitability for your company.

With 23 million meetings happening nationwide every single day, adopting the right meeting and collaboration tools is crucial for the functionality of your business. And while web-only collaboration solutions don’t necessarily seem like a harmful investment, there are more efficient, feature-rich and cost-effective ways out there to host better meetings.

Incorporating video as a key pillar of how your organization communicates not only encourages employees to focus and engage better in meetings, it also adds nonverbal cues and body language to help create better relationships with colleagues and customers. With a video-first collaboration tool like Lifesize, not only do you get the features that you’ve grown to love in a web-only tool — you also get a scalable and interoperable video solution purpose-built for meeting rooms of all shapes and sizes, a feature-rich cloud-based app and other key features like screen sharing and automatic updates across all your devices for a best-in-class meeting experience.