In my last post, I shared 10 Reasons to Attend 2019 Enterprise Connect.  But I’m guessing there are more than a few of you out there who may still be on the fence about it. Or maybe you were planning to go but are now considering shortening your trip because you’re concerned about being away from the office for several days.

For anyone I haven’t yet convinced, here are a few more reasons to attend one of the biggest—and most important— contact center events of the year.

Get the insights you need to really evaluate the cloud.

I know, I know, the contact center industry has been talking about the cloud for what seems like years. As a result, you’ve either heard of it, researched moving your own contact center or are running down the clock on your premises-based system before you even think about it. But what if you could hear an engaging discussion on the pros and cons of moving to the cloud directly from experts? And what if that discussion was led by Sheila McGee-Smith, the industry’s leading analyst?

If you’re still wondering about cloud versus an on-premises system, then you need to join the Cloud Contact Center Faceoff. The session is hosted by Sheila McGee-Smith, and I’ll join many of my peers to talk about what you’ll need to consider as you embark on looking at new solutions for your contact center.

Hear from your peers.

My absolute favorite (and the most valuable) part of any conference is hearing from my peers. I want to learn about issues I’ve been struggling with and understand how someone like me solved a similar challenge. While hearing from vendors is useful, they usually don’t face the same day-to-day challenges.

That’s why I’m super excited about hearing Milin Mathur, Director of Customer Platforms at Pearson Education, share insights on his real-world experience bringing together multiple contact centers and his quest to deliver outstanding customer experiences in the cloud. He’ll talk about the innovative approach Pearson has taken, and how it directly maps back to the company’s corporate initiatives. He’ll also provide the framework you’ll need to decide if the cloud is right for your organization.

Milin’s presentation will be in the Enterprise Connect Theater 100 (on the expo floor, Aisle 100) Tuesday, March 19, from 5:10 to 5:30 pm.

Free beer!

Ok, I’m joking. Sort of. While no one is going to hop on a plane for the promise of free beer, it does make things a bit more interesting. That’s why we are excited to again sponsor a booth crawl on the expo hall lower level on Tuesday, March 19, from 4 to 6 pm.  You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a cold drink and meet the Serenova team in Booth 1013. You can discuss what’s ahead in the contact center industry (or your picks for March Madness).

See Serenova (and our solution) in action.

We know many of you have read our blog posts, downloaded a white paper or even checked out one of our data sheets, e-books or articles in the updated resources section of this website. But have you seen our solution (or us) in action? Enterprise Connect is your chance.

We can walk you through how you can easily map your ideal customer journey through our cloud contact center solution.  And we can show you how you can provide agent feedback and coaching through a unified interface. If you’re not up for a full demo, we can chat about the challenges you currently face in your contact center and help you identify some fixes. Plan to stop by Booth 1013 and say hello. You’ll find we are a friendly bunch. I look forward to seeing you there.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some light reading prior to the event, check out 5 Signs You Need to Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud or 3 Customer Experience Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again.