The way we communicate in the workplace is always evolving. As the latest video conferencing and collaboration platforms upgrade and advance, it has become more crucial than ever to equip employees with the tools they need to succeed. Harvard Business Review recently addressed this topic with an in-depth look at how video conferencing in the workplace can change the way people do business and operate on a daily basis.

Learn how the best global companies enable their teams to do their best work — collaborating face to face with customers, clients and teammates without compromise.

Initially perceived as the number-one way to cut travel expenses, the need for the best unified communication solutions has only increased. In fact, worldwide spending for unified communications is on track to grow about 17% a year through 2024, topping out at nearly $143.5 billion, according to the business analysis firm Research and Markets.

Not only does deploying the best quality video conferencing solution completely transform the way you communicate with your colleagues and clients — whether it be through face-to-face video calls or being able to easily share your screen across all your platforms with ease — having access to video conferencing technology makes employees more engaged with their work and improves their overall work–life balance.

Video communication omits any miscommunication, prevents messages’ getting lost in email threads and encourages important conversations to happen in real time. Being able to see your colleagues face to face encourages members on call to be attentive, keep to the agenda and have more fulfilling and productive meetings as if everyone is in the same conference room. From recruiting talent and onboarding new employees to connecting people across the globe, video technology breaks down barriers to increase collaboration, communication, and teamwork (even virtual teamwork).

For examples of global companies that have completely transformed their businesses with high-quality video conferencing, check out the recent Harvard Business Review article that highlights a global banking service, an academy award-winning animation studio and a renowned bicycle parts manufacturer and how they have implemented Lifesize to power their global video meetings.

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