How Can an Advantage Help Your Customer Service?

It is a challenge to consistently deliver great customer experiences. Go ahead, roll your eyes and say “Understatement of the day” to yourself. But knowing this and figuring out how your brand isn’t going to fall into the inconsistent service trap are two different things. So many variables come into play with every customer interaction, from personalities to technologies to the reason the customer is getting in touch.

It is clear that we live in the age of the customer; the customer is king. Analysts predict that the bar for customer service will continue to be set higher in the coming years as consumers become more informed and in charge of the experiences they receive. Customers will expect brands to know their individual requirements and personalize their experiences—proactively addressing both their current and future needs.

Talk about a high bar to reach! How can companies meet that expectation? Methodical, consistent training and service scripts, to start. Implementing artificial intelligence a la Minority Report is another. But a simpler, more immediately available option might be to add an “Advantage” to your contact center. LiveOps recently unveiled two Advantages to help users meet and exceed those future expectations—today. LiveOps Visual Advantage and LiveOps CX Advantage are available now on the AppExchange. But how can those Advantages help your brand?

Think about a difficult customer interaction your company has been involved in. Maybe customer service got involved too late, through no fault of their own—the customer was already on their way out the door and decided to lash out to make their point of view known. What if the company could have had a heads-up that this particular customer was frustrated? What if a system could trigger an alert to inform customer service that a customer appears to need some extra TLC? It could mean the difference between saving a sale and losing a customer forever.

LiveOps CX Advantage, coupled with LiveOps’ CxEngage Solution, makes customer data actionable in real time by detecting if a customer journey is headed in a positive or negative direction. If it seems like things are going south, the brand is notified that it should engage with the customer now. Whether that’s through a live chat, a personalized phone call or a response via social media—that little extra TLC can have a big impact on first contact resolution, customer satisfaction, not to mention customer loyalty.

What if, when the brand engages to offer a customer extra help, they learn that it’s not so much a problem with the brand as with the technology the customer is using? For instance, a customer is shopping online and can’t find a particular item. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if the customer care agent could look over the customer’s shoulder and point them in the right direction?

With LiveOps Visual Advantage, they can. agents can co-browse and screen-share with customers so they can see exactly what the customer is experiencing and find a way to help. They can be on the phone at the same time they are co-browsing, so they can direct the customer – or even select the item themselves – and help the customer complete the transaction. It is a true multichannel customer experience that helps deliver results the first time customers contact a brand. And we know first contact resolution is huge to keep customers happy.

Both LiveOps CX Advantage and Visual Advantage are integrated with for seamless interactions, make it possible for brands to offer proactive customer experience management (it’s a mouthful, but it’s the wave of the future) and help brands make the most of each customer interaction, providing better service exactly when and how it is needed.

Imagine a world where customers are always happy, because brands are assisting them proactively and preventing dissatisfaction. Imagine a world where sales are not lost due to unhappy customers—sales are saved because customer relationships are saved before things go downhill. Imagine a world where giving customers exactly what they want and need is simple, seamless, personalized and at just the right time. That world is coming soon—and elements of it, those Advantages brands need, are here today.

Check out these new Advantages on the AppExchange, or visit us at Dreamforce. LiveOps will be at Booth 2116 in the North Hall of the Moscone Center from October 13-16. We hope to see you there!

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